We are not a franchise. Once you buy the unit it is yours. There is no need to pay royalties or fees. However, our sister company has an operator system. You can find out more here.
Our photo booth kiosk unit is only 48 pounds.
We design our units so they will be easy to install. However, we will send you links to videos of how to put it together.
The unit breaks down in 4 parts. The base, two columns, and the top box are assemble together with 6 screws and 2 nuts.
That’s a good question. We don’t want to be like other companies and claim that you can install the unit in 3 minutes. In reality, that is up to you. For our experience operators, it takes less than 5 minutes, but to our new buyers it takes 10 minutes or a little bit more. Of course you will get faster as you get more comfortable with the unit. But in all, the unit is super easy and fast to installed.
Since the photo booth kiosk is an open design concept, it is purely up to you on how many people can fit in the photo booth. It can range from small groups to large groups, depending on your photo booth background size and how far the photo booth kiosk is from the photo booth backdrop. An open concept photo booth kiosk is designed for multiple options, depending on your taste.
That will depend of how big your photo booth backdrop is and how much open space you want in your photos. We recommend 6ft away for a 7x7ft photo booth backdrop. You can zoom in a little on the edges so only the photo booth backdrop will show.
We recommend a 10x10ft area. But it can be achieved in a much smaller area. We have done it in a 5x5ft area with a backdrop and once in a 3x3ft area without a backdrop.
If you buy one of the upscale options it does.
We designed the unit to be easy to install and easy to transport. So you cannot put the printer inside. However, you can run a 25ft printer cable inside the poll to the bottom so you can connect your printer. Printer stand will be available soon.
The unit is built to hold 1,500 LM & 6,500 Kelvin LED Lighting, Strobe Flash, and DSLR Flash. You can use any of the options by itself or 2 together. We recommend our powerful LED light and a Strobe Flash together. NOTE: We don’t use LED-Strip lights for photography lighting. The LED Light we use is much stronger and heavy duty.
We normally carry white and black, but we can do any color, it is just a little extra.
That will be up to the tablet you are using. If you are using a Surface Pro 3, then you can use more powerful software like Photo Booth Upload or Photo Booth Solutions. This type of software offers options like slow motion, GIF, filters, face morphing and lighting painting. However, if you are just getting started we STRONGLY recommend using a more simple, but awesome software like DSLRBooth. It has a lower price and it can do all the basics like Photo Strips, Post Card, Basic gif, Video, Green Screen, affects and even Social Media.
Yes, it does. You can always add an iPad stand.
We can take Credit/Debit Cards, Checks, and Bank Transfers.
Yes, we do. Click HERE for more information.
Yes, we do. We offer an up to 6 month payment plan.
All transactions are final sale and there is no return policy. However, if the unit gets damaged by the shipping company, then the seller will deal with the shipping company in case of package being damaged and will replace the unit to the buyer once the claim has been made by the seller to the shipping company and approved by the shipping company. The buyer will work with the seller in case of special proof being required for the shipping company to help in there insurance claim. The buyer most notify the seller the same day the buyer receives the package if there is any damage to the unit in order to request a change of unit.