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Moises and Lauren started their photo booth rental company with $250 and by the end of the year they were able to execute over 200 events. Now their photo booth is in several locations and accomplishing over 500 events a year. Since then, they have ventured out on designing their own photo booth kiosk, so they opened ModiBooth.

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Photo booth kiosks are not only great for different types of events, but they have almost become an expected addition to any party or get together. Photo booth kiosks are great for weddings, birthday parties, Quinceñeras, Sweet Sixteen, fairs, Halloween parties, charities, marathons, club events, holiday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and many more.

A huge segment of the photo booth market is corporate events. The best thing about the corporate market is that one company can book you for more than one event in a year; employee appreciation day, the Christmas party, and marketing outreach events.


Photo booth businesses have a low monetary investment, with some of the greatest return. With our photo booth kiosk you can start your business for only $1,900, while earning anywhere from $500 to $1,200 per event. This means that by the third event you could have already earned your money back.

Our photo booth kiosk is so profitable that in only 3 months, some of our customers have already gone ahead and bought their second and third photo booths.


The photo booth kiosk is so affordable and versatile, it can be used to fit into anybody’s busy schedule or business. It is so easy to operate that it can be set up within ten minutes and anybody can be taught how to use it.

This photo booth kiosk is perfect for anyone who wants to do full time or part time photo booth rentals and is also a great asset to photographers, DJ’s and event planners who want to expand their business.


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I bought a ModiBooth from Moises early this year. It is awesome. He modified the booth for me with a monitor in the back door and worked with me to find the right monitor to fit.

The door has a welded loop to strap the monitor in on the door and added a bracket so I could put a pan/tilt in the box. I purchased the added bracket for my Surface 3. Wiring was a breeze. It’s light weight and solid. I am going to buy his new modification Modibooth early next year with the LED lights and the area for the modeling light and flash to be inside the box. Can hardly wait!

Also, it fits in a Husky case which is inexpensive and an excellent option. Moises was able to send videos of his design changes, videos and photos to communicate what to expect. Moises is honest and I would not hesitate to purchase from Modibooth again. Much success to this company!

Yvonne Rome
I ordered my Chattabooth from Moises in August. I was beyond impressed with his level of service, patience and kindness. He also ships very fast and the package came very well packed. My clients have LOVED this booth and it has been used at my University Campus unattended as well as at a few weddings with an attendant, so it is very versatile. Its very easy to transport and a fool proof type of booth. Works and looks great.

I am ordering another kiosk from Moises because I was just so impressed by my first one that I ordered. You can’t go wrong by ordering from Moises if you’re looking to get into the photo booth industry. He is very knowledgable and a great vendor to work with.

Nicole P.